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Violet and Yellow on Flesh Pink
Blue on Salmon Pink
White and Green on Red
Pale Yellow on Burgundy
White and Yellow on Burgundy
White and Blue on Burgundy
Lavender on Pink
Mint Green on Pink
Acid Green on Magenta
Light Green on Pink
Light Green on Blue-Pink
Yellow on Lavender
Yellow and Dark Violet on Lavender
Yellow on Violet
Yellow on Purple
Pink on Blue-Green
Red on Blue
White on Navy
Red on Blue
Red on Ultramarine
Red on Sky Blue
Flesh Pink on Sky Blue
Gold on Turquoise
Pale Pink on Green
Bright Red on Bright Green
Red on Moss Green
Red on Gold Green
Orange on Green Orange
Pink on Light Green
Hot Magenta on Acid Green
Lavender-Pink on Sun Yellow
Violet on Pale Yellow
Violet on Pale Yellow
Blue on Orange
Lavender on Ochre
White on Grey
Pale Pink on Light Brown
Black on Parchment
Red and Yellow on Dark Violet
Pale Blue on Parchment
White on Grey
Nature Morte
Implore/Nature Morte
White Tulip
White Tulip
White Tulip
White Tulip

Nature Morte

A two person exhibition with sculptor Nancy Brubacher Jacobsen's sculpture show Implore at the Arts and Culture Centre, Corner Brook, April 2010. 

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