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Paper Mill
Mill on the Humber
In The Forest, Steady Brook NL
Meadows Beach NL
McIver's NL
Bay of Islands NL
Massey Drive NL
Bottle Cove
Fishing boats Frenchman's Cove
Grass by the River
grass by the river
Small Island
Quarry Near Pynn's Brook
In The Forest
View over the Plaza
The Plaza
Grenfell Campus - The Observatory with Fine Arts building
Grenfell Trees
Trees, Bowater Park
Mill from 3 Bear Mountain
Our old house
Darkness at the Plaza
Gros Morne with waterslide
cruise ship leaving 2
cruise ship leaving 1
cruise ship docked
Snowy Street
Snowy Street Scene
Humber River
Blow Me Downs from Corner Brook
Blow Me Downs from Corner Brook
Cold at the Plaza
Lewin Parkway into Corner Brook
Paper Mill
Marble Mountain 1
Marble Mountain 2
Marble Mountain 3
Marble Mountain 4
View from the Elementary School
View from the Elementary School
Street with car, Curling
Street in Curling
Cabin Trees

Ink Drawings
Studies on the road and around town.

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